Victor - Lelaki Pelik


Victor, a fashion consultant and personal stylist for famous and powerful people in Spain. He attracts the attention of a very unusual way, he wears women's shoes with high heels.
This style of his is for the most part to attract attention plus fashion people are always eccentric and often extravagant.

* Muka dah hensem, tapi sayang


snowblack said...

wat de ??!

Nisya said...

bruw jewp na tekel..
tgok atas ok la not bad..
smpai bwh adoi..! , hmpeh..!!
MCm Pompuan DErh,,.!

puterihikayat said...

macam mne la dia blajar pkai ksut tggi 2...
wanie pown asyk trsadung ble pkai ksut tggi..

Misa said...

Bi....Biar betul??...(">o<)

tranzer_kid said...


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