Benih Sayur Dari Angkasa Lepas?


Anyone for rocket salad? How the Chinese are now growing mega veg from seeds they sent into space

"If you're the type who worries about the air miles travelled by fruit and veg, then these beauties aren't for you. Because they have travelled a little further than most. The seeds from which they grew were fired into space, where they orbited the Earth for two weeks. Once they returned they were cultivated in hothouses, producing the monster specimens seen here.
It flew eight soybeans to the International Space Station in 2002 and found they had slightly higher levels of carbohydrates and less oil than ordinary seeds. But there was no sign of any genetic mutation.

Benih-benih sayur yang dilepaskan ke angkasa lepas selama 2 minggu menghasilkan sayur-sayur yang extra size..hasil kajian mendapati di angkasa lepas mengandungi 3 kali ganda nutrisi yang diperlukan oleh tumbuhan..memang menakjubkan


Fyzal said...

mak aih.. bukan maen besar lagi sayurnya..

ERSHAD said...

labu besar mcm tu utk stok setahun pun belum tentu hbs

ejard equado said...

besor gile ar...

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