Bayi Baru Lahir Dah Ada Gigi


Kebiasaannya, gigi pertama kita akan tumbuh selepas beberapa bulan dilahirkan..tapi berlainan pula dengan bayi dari Vaglovac, Crotia ini. Dia dilahirkan dengan sebatang gigi..lagi bertambah pelik apabila gigi yang dimiliki bayi ini adalah gigi orang dewasa (saiz gigi besar).

"Ema Eronic, a little baby from Vuglovac near Ivanac in Croatia has became a true medical wonder after doctors found that she was born with already grown tooth.
The doctor who performed an operation of tooth removal shortly after baby’s birth said that this was the first such case in his 20-years long career. He claims he newer saw something similar although this phenomenon is well known to him. The tooth was removed because it was potentially dangerous for baby’s health. Doctors decided to remove it because tooth was pretty unstable and could easily slip into baby’s throat which eventually could have fatal consequences.

Ema’s mother is happy the tooth is removed and at the same time she says she is a little bit excited because her daughter became pretty famous in local media. Via :

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