Wanita Buta Berjaya Tangkap Ikan Besar


"British blind women, Sheila Peng Ford recently on vacation in Barcelona, Spain, accidental caught a giant catfish. Sheila and the fish were being recorded by the "Guinness Book of World Records." 56-year-old Sheila from the UK, is only 1.6 meters tall, and is blind. With a large halibut bait, caught one weighing 97.85 kilograms of fresh water catfish. Under the guidance of her husband and son Arthur Allen, she fought more than 30 minutes with this catfish, eventually drag ashore. It is confirmed that this catfish is the largest captured fish in Spain. Took the pictures with the catfish, Sheila set the fish free."

Besar punya ikan, makan sebulan tak habis ni..tapi rugi pulak ye, kenapa dia lepaskan balik ikan ni ek?..alang2 dah dapat tu makan je la kan, rezeki tu,hehe.

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