Telur Berbentuk Pisang


Telur cacat yang berbentuk pisang, dijumpai di Anhui, Cina. Ada jugak telur bentuk macam ni ye..memang pelik..
“It’s not what you’d usually expect to come across while settling down for breakfast, but this strange looking object is actually a seriously misshapen egg. Discovered in the Anhui province of China, the curved egg has taken on a similar shape to a banana. But whether it’s scrambled, soft boiled or fried, it will no doubt be difficult to find anyone prepared to eat it. Misshapen eggs are common, but the varying shapes differ with each strain of bird. However they are most often produced by pullets coming into lay, or hens late in lay, often as a result of double ovulation.”


♥cutebabygirl♥ said...

telur ayam ke telur ape?

yatie said...

telur ayam..jadik mcm ni mungkin sebab lambat eram kot

puterihikayat said...

inilah kebesaran ALLAH S.W.T

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