Russian Giant Dan Isterinya Yang Kecil


"Here’s a guy you don’t ever want to pick a fight with: Nikolay "Russian Giant" Valuev, who, at 7 feet tall, absolutely towers over his opponents (before pummelling them to oblivion).

Nikolay also happens to be the heaviest and tallest heavyweight boxing champion in history.

His British challenger has a mountain to climb, but in fact the Russian giant is a sensitive soul who wooed his wife with love poems and likes a bit of Miss Marple. His wife is tiny [5ft 2in] and they have two small children."

Nampak ganazz..tapi hakikatnya, dalaman dia seorang yang berjiwa sensitif dan lembut..Nikolay memikat isterinya dengan puisi-puisi cinta..dan sekarang, dia bahagia dengan isteri serta, don't judge a book by its cover.. :)

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