Lelaki Kepala Separuh..


“A young man who was left with half-a-head after being attacked must now face the prospect of no one being convicted after the Crown Prosecution Service this week revealed it had dropped the case. Forklift driver Steve Gator, 26, Farnham Road Harold Hill was left brain damaged and with a grotesquely disfigured half-skull after he was attacked on his way home from work earlier this year. But the young man, who now suffers seizures, has difficulty communicating and remembering, and has lost parts of his personality, will never see his attackers face court after the CPS decided “there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.”

Separuh kepalanya remuk akibat serangan ganas dua orang gangster. Akibat serangan tu, separuh tempurung kepalanya remuk, otak sebelah kiri rosak dan dia mengalami kesukaran percakapan, serta daya ingatan jadi lemah..dasyat..

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